2014!! Updates

Can you believe this is our fourth year of Fantasy Disc Golf?!

Make sure you tell your friends and set up a league.  All purchased leagues come with a complimentary trophy disc to use as bragging rights.

There are a few changes this year too.

  • We’re using MPO and FPO only
  • If you would like to select a <1000 rated guy, please email us.
  • We’re sending out FREE discs to winners of NT and major events listed HERE.

We’d love to hear from you! Don’t forget to signup.


Stats Pages

We’re very excited to announce the launch of our stats pages. This allows users and disc golf enthusiasts the ability to look for trends in a golfers rating. Stats can be sorted by course length, SSA, and temperature.

We’re adding new, high profile golfers daily so stay tuned to. Do you have a golfer you’d like to sponsor or add to the list? Let us know and we can move them up in line.

Coming Soon

The Memorial is only one month away and that can only mean one important thing….Fantasy Disc Golf.  We’re very excited for 2013 and hope you’ll be impressed with all that will be available to you!  Look for a launch in a few quick weeks.

Local idea Use

PDGA coverage has brought about some new users and we want to highlight some of the best ways for people to use the site.  Vendors have can create a great community to promote themselves, but the majority of our premium leagues are small and private.

Creating a premium league allows you to use any PDGA sanctioned event towards your league total.  You could create a league of all local C-tiers OR you can mix and match local events with national events.  The scoring is set up so you can even make them worth the same weight towards a season total. We’ll even send you a disc or two to use as a trophy for the winner.

When monitoring leagues, I love to see a little trash talk about an advanced player letting his buddy down at last weeks tournament. The fantasy aspect takes the fun of competition on the course and adds it to a computer.  We’re also still rolling out changes to give commissioners even more control!

If you have any questions about leagues, email aaron@playfantasydiscgolf.com  They are quick to set up and for the price of 2 discs, you and your friends will be glad you did.


Idea for Vendors

How many states or clubs have an official or even unofficial tour….the same set of tournaments each year?  This post will lay out the a few simple ways for small disc golf businesses to utilize fantasy disc golf.

1) Create a league($30) and add events.  If you like, you can mix national and local events….or just play local events and invite all the people in your area to play.

2) Offer a prize.  We have found offering a prize for each event works best in case people hear about the league late, but tour prizes are perfect if you have a dedicated bunch.

3)***optional****Make your league public.  EVERYONE on our site will be able to see the “Super Cool Disc Golf shop Fantasy Tour”.  They could even compete for your prizes and learn about your products.

4) Sponsor a few players.  Get your logo next to golfers that have your back or are picked a lot.  The logo next to your sponsored golfers not only looks cool, it makes people feel good.

5) Talk trash.  This will work best if the TD’s have updated registration lists.  If the prizes are really sweet, I imagine a few people will register for tournament day of just to disrupt fantasy picks.


If you’re interested in an ad pack, send us an email at aaron@playfantasydiscgolf.com