Free League ideas


Don’t overlook our Free League section.  This gives you an opportunity to play with some of your friends.  They could set a league up also and you could potentially be in 2 or more leagues together with your own custom formats.

Invite your friends and try these ideas:

  • Have one league set up where you only choose one golfer.  Make it eliminator style so you can’t pick that golfer again.
  • Your free league could be like filling out an upset bracket in March(of which I vehemently oppose for bball, but hey….someone may think you know what you’re talking about when that 950 guy gets a hot round)
  • Play for discs.  We recommend you know the people you invite to your free league if you’re doing this.
  • Set up a league where you only can pick <1000 rated players, or golfers you’ve met personally, or perhaps 1-8 athletes at the event.  Use the salary cap to make it fun and challenging.
  • Get together, drink beer and have a draft.  When you set player limits for tournaments, select pick 6 and score 3 so it evens out for all events.  Trade golfers with your buddies.

As a reminder, $30 for a premium league is about the price of two discs.  You’re options, customization, and tournament selection could make this a lot of fun and worth it.  Play with your friends or make it public.  As the commish, you have the power.


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