Idea for Vendors

How many states or clubs have an official or even unofficial tour….the same set of tournaments each year?  This post will lay out the a few simple ways for small disc golf businesses to utilize fantasy disc golf.

1) Create a league($30) and add events.  If you like, you can mix national and local events….or just play local events and invite all the people in your area to play.

2) Offer a prize.  We have found offering a prize for each event works best in case people hear about the league late, but tour prizes are perfect if you have a dedicated bunch.

3)***optional****Make your league public.  EVERYONE on our site will be able to see the “Super Cool Disc Golf shop Fantasy Tour”.  They could even compete for your prizes and learn about your products.

4) Sponsor a few players.  Get your logo next to golfers that have your back or are picked a lot.  The logo next to your sponsored golfers not only looks cool, it makes people feel good.

5) Talk trash.  This will work best if the TD’s have updated registration lists.  If the prizes are really sweet, I imagine a few people will register for tournament day of just to disrupt fantasy picks.


If you’re interested in an ad pack, send us an email at


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