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PDGA coverage has brought about some new users and we want to highlight some of the best ways for people to use the site.  Vendors have can create a great community to promote themselves, but the majority of our premium leagues are small and private.

Creating a premium league allows you to use any PDGA sanctioned event towards your league total.  You could create a league of all local C-tiers OR you can mix and match local events with national events.  The scoring is set up so you can even make them worth the same weight towards a season total. We’ll even send you a disc or two to use as a trophy for the winner.

When monitoring leagues, I love to see a little trash talk about an advanced player letting his buddy down at last weeks tournament. The fantasy aspect takes the fun of competition on the course and adds it to a computer.  We’re also still rolling out changes to give commissioners even more control!

If you have any questions about leagues, email aaron@playfantasydiscgolf.com  They are quick to set up and for the price of 2 discs, you and your friends will be glad you did.



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