Q: What is FDG?

Fantasy Disc Golf allows you to pick golfers competing in PDGA sanctioned tournaments.  You earn points based on how well they finish.  Earn points throughout the season. If you earn more than the next guy, you have something to brag about.

Q: Is it Free?

Yes!  You can play in existing leagues for free.  Some leagues even offer prizes.  You can also set up a fantasy tour for you and 15 of your friends.  Customize scoring, tournaments, and number of golfers selected.

Q: How does it work?
See our rules section for more details. 

Q: What’s new about it this year?

There are several changes from our 2012 season.

  • Custom tournaments and scoring when you purchase a league.
  • Trophy Disc! Trophy Disc! Trophy Disc to the first 50 leagues.
  • Free leagues also have customization features
  • Golfers do not ‘carry over’ from event to event.  You must make picks each event
  • Commish can email remind league
  • Player Pages!!! for a stats based approach
  • Salary Cap based on player ratings

Q: When will we be able to pick?

Picks will open a few weeks before each event.

Q: How do I know who is playing?

To get an idea of what golfers to choose, you will need to click the link that directs you to the pre-registered pplayer list.  We did not narrow the selection for this because 1)People play that aren’t registered online and 2) with the inclusion of local events, there sometimes aren’t pre-reg lists.

Q: Why isn’t my tournament on the list?

If you purchase a league and want to include a local B or C tier, you can!  If it’s not on the tourney list, email support @ playfantasydiscgolf . com and we’ll get it up for you.

Q: How does the Salary Cap work?

Please see Rules for more info.  The salary cap is based on rating and the commish of the league can adjust it for each event.  We reccommend you score the same number of golfers that you pick, and put the salary cap around 995 for each player, depending on the event.

Q: How does scoring work?

Please see our rules for more information. Purchased leagues have several options available for scoring.

Q: How does the substitute pick work?

If the Substitute Pick box is selected for the event, one extra golfer may be chosen with a player rating no higher than your lowest rated golfer.  IF one of your golfers scores a zero from a DQ, injury, or no show, you will receive points for the substitute.
What is the difference between a Tour or Single Event?
Purchased leagues have more variety for scoring options.  You can also include any PDGA event.  Creating a tour with up to 20 events is  like setting up a Fantasy Season.  Include a nice mix of NT, Majors, A tiers and the local events if you like.

Setting up a Single Event is more like a weekend pool. This is fun for event promotion, side bets, bragging rights.  If you set up a One time event, make it public AND offer prizes.  We’ll help promote it for free!
Q: I forgot my password.  Help?
Password help is integrated and should hook you up.

Q: The stats/points are wrong? OR My event doesn’t have points yet?
If the fantasy points for your event seem to be wrong please:

  • make sure you understand the scoring selected for that tournament
  • make sure the tournament director has updated the stats results on the PDGA.  We are at the mercy of TD’s with scoring.  Some events may take days before they are updated.
  • Double check with your commish. They have a little bit of power to fix things.
  • If all three have been looked into and there is a problem, email us.  We’ll get on it.

Q: How can I advertise?

Email aaron @ playfantasydiscgolf dot com!!  You can advertise on the Title, Sidebar, on top of free leagues, and Event promotions!  Our best suggestion is to spend $30 and advertise your own league with prizes.  We’ll throw in a trophy disc.

Q: Is it difficult being awesome?

We’re not as cool as you think we are.


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